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Li Hongfeng visited CCT Shanghai and Hangzhou-based companies

Office of the President     2019-08-20         

From August 14 to 16, Li Hongfeng, President of China Chengtong (CCT), visited CMST’s Shanghai-based company, CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited (CTS International Logistics) headquarters, China Chengtong Oriental Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CCT Oriental), and China Chengtong International Trading Co., Ltd. (CCT International). He was briefed about the business performance of these companies and put forward requirements to their next-stage work. China Chengtong’s Vice President Li Yousheng joined the visit.

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Li Hongfeng and the delegation visited rubber delivery warehouse, business hall, non-ferrous metal storage operation site and silver delivery warehouse of CMST Shanghai Business Department’s Wusong sub-branch, and communicated with staff on site. Li also listened to work reports delievered by Guan Wu, CCT Oriental’s Party Secretary and General Manager, Cao Fugen, CCT International’s Party Secretary and General Manager, Chen Yu, CTS International Logistics’ General Manager, Sun Jin, CTS International Logistics’ Party Secretary, and Wang Haibin, CMST Shanghai Business Department’s Party Secretary and General Manager. Li learned carefully about new issues arisen during each company’s reform and development and in their Party building work, and asked for suggestions on improving the Group’s performance.

Li Hongfeng fully affirmed each company’s achievements in reform, development and Party building work, and extended kind regards on behalf of the Group to staff working on the front line. Li required all companies to make good use of this CPC education campaign themed ‘staying true to our founding mission’ to enhance their Party building work, especially improving the quality of the fundamental work of Party building. All companies should aim to achieve the concerted development of Party building work and business operation, inherit and carry forward the ‘Chengtong Spirit’ (Always ready to shoulder responsibilities and dare to crack hard nuts), and ensure safe business operation. Leaders at all levels should be loyal to the Party and be innovative in their work. They should promote their companies’ healthy growth through well-planned methods and always be clean and honest in their conducts. All leaders should bear in mind the market and customer demands. By giving full play to each company’s regional advantages, these companies’ core competitiveness will be constantly enhanced. And as a result, new breakthroughs can be achieved when they further deepen reform.


Li Hongfeng at CCT Oriental


Li Hongfeng at CTS International Logistics’ headquarters in Shanghai


Li Hongfeng at CMST Shanghai Business Department’s Wusong sub-branch

Li Hongfeng also visited the Group’s outside director Zhou Qinye when he was in Shanghai.

CMST’s Chairman and Party Secretary Han Tielin, and relevant personnel from the Group’s Office of the Board of Directors, Office of the President, Department of Strategic Management, Department of Equity Management, and leadership of the Group’s Shanghai and Hangzhou-based companies which the delegation visited participated in above activities.

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