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Zhu Bixin, Li Hongfeng met with CITIC President

Office of the President     2019-08-29         

On August 28, Zhu Bixin, China Chengtong’s Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman, and Li Hongfeng, China Chengtong’s President, met with Wang Jiong, CITIC Group’s Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, Vice Chairman and President, at China Chengtong’s headquarters. The two sides exchanged views on deepening bilateral cooperation.


Zhu Bixin introduced achievements China Chengtong has attained as a capital operating company in establishing platforms for fund investment, equity management, assets operation and financial services. Zhu also expressed his appreciation for the remarkable outcomes achieved through the operation of the CITIC Agricultural Fund jointly established by China Chengtong and CITIC. Zhu stated that China Chengtong and CITIC have cooperated closely over the years and witnessed fruitful accomplishments. He hoped that the two sides could further consolidate their bilateral cooperation, and broaden the areas of cooperation to achieve more successes.

Wang Jiong introduced CITIC’s general information and the operation of CITIC Agricultural Fund. Wang spoke highly of achievements made by China Chengtong in its pilot state-owned capital operation, and expressed CITIC’s willingness to strengthen cooperation with China Chengtong in fund establishment, asset revitalization, mixed-ownership reform, financial services, international engineering logistics, and commercialized elderly-care services on the basis of existing cooperation.

Relevant personnel from China Chengtong’s Department of Financial Management, Office of the President, Department of Strategic Management, CCT Fund, CTS Logistics, CITIC Group’s Strategic Development Department, and CITIC Agricultural Fund attended the meeting.

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