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Li Hongfeng met with Secretary of Tianjin Jinnan Party Committee

Office of the president     2019-08-30         

The Group’s President Li Hongfeng met with Secretary of Tianjin Jinnan District CPC Committee Liu Hui and the delegation at the Group’s headquarters on August 29th. The two sides held discussions on deepening cooperation. The Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng, Deputy Head of Jinnan District Li Hong, Vice President of the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Tianjin) Wang Yanhua attended the meeting.


Li Hongfeng welcomed Liu Hui and the delegation. He introduced China Chengtong’s development, Party building measures, and major businesses including fund investment, equity management, assets operation, and financial services as a pilot state-owned capital operation company. He said that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration plan is an important national strategy, and Jinnan District of Tianjin has made much progress in optimizing business environment and developing high-end industries. China Chengtong is willing to give full play to its advantages and deepen cooperation with Jinnan District to promote high-quality socioeconomic development.


Liu Hui appreciated the achievements China Chengtong has made over the years, and introduced the social and economic development of Jinnan District, especially measures concerning high-quality green development, and the building of green ecological protective screen. She said that Jinnan, undertaking both the urban function of downtown Tianjin and the industry function of Binhai New District, is at the core of Tianjin’s economy. She hopes China Chengtong join hands with Jinnan in the fields of comprehensive health, green high-end industries, fund investment and mixed ownership reform to achieve win-win development.


Both sides also discussed relevant projects over the meeting. General Office of Jinnan District Government, the local Bureau of Commerce and Bureau of Finance, Jinnan Urban Construction Limited; the Group’s Department of General Management, Department of Financial Management, the President Office, and the Department of Strategic Management attended the meeting.

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