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Zhu Bixin met with Hainan government leadership

Office of the President     2019-09-04         

The Group’s Chairman Zhu Bixin attended the Hainan Major Projects Investment Promotion Conference in Haikou from August 30th to September 1st, and met with Tong Daochi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Secretary of Sanya CPC Committee, Shen Danyang, Vice Governor of Hainan Province, and some other Hainan government officials. The Group’s Vice President Tong Laiming attended the meetings.

At the meeting with Tong Daochi, Zhu Bixin first introduced China Chengtong’s development and major businesses including fund investment, equity management, assets operation and financial services as a pilot state-owned capital operation company. He said that Sanya is witnessing development in health and elderly-care, tourism, modern services and high-tech industries, all of which are in line with China Chengtong’s business strategies. China Chengtong will apply the advantages of capital operation platform, increase investment in Sanya, and seek cooperation with Sanya in the fields of tourism, education, health and elderly-care, funds, logistics, and international trade.

Tong Daochi thanked China Chengtong for its constant support for Hainan Province and Sanya City. He briefed on Sanya’s favorable conditions and resources and its three pillar industries, namely tourism, modern services and high-tech industries. He hoped China Chengtong give full play to its advantages in capital operation, tourism, education, medical care and logistics, so as to engage actively in Sanya’s socioeconomic development. Chen Xiaoya, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the CPC Sanya Committee, Vice Mayor Liu Zhaojun attended the meeting.


During the talk with Shen Danyang, both sides discussed multi-fields cooperation and promoting the development of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Hainan Free Trade Port. Zhu Bixin said that China Chengtong will exert its capital operation advantages in areas of tourism, education, health and elderly care, funds, logistics, international trade, finance, and state-owned enterprise reform, and actively take part in the construction and development of Hainan Free Trade Zone and Port.

Shen Danyang welcomed Zhu Bixin and the delegation, and expressed his appreciation of the contribution China Chengtong has made to Hainan’s economic development. With the current cooperation in tourism and education laying a solid foundation, he hoped that both sides will explore partnership in fund investment, international trade, modern services and assets management, grasp the strategic opportunity of Free Trade Zone and Port to achieve win-win results. Deputy Secretary General of the People’s Government of Hainan Province Sun Shiwen, Head of Department of Commerce of Hainan Province Chen Xi and Deputy Head Wu Chuan, and Vice Mayor of Haikou City Wang Lei, attended the meeting.


When in Hainan, Zhu Bixin also met with Ni Jian, Director of Hainan’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Head of Department of Education of Hainan Province Cao Xiankun, and Mayor of Haikou City Ding Hui. They talked about strengthening all-round cooperation between China Chengtong and Hainan Province.

Later, Zhu Bixin went to Huandao Middle School to visit students and staff, asked about their learning and living conditions, and examined the campus operation and teaching facilities. Zhu hoped Huandao Middle School will further develop its advantages and continue to improve the quality of education and make greater achievements.


Relevant personnel of the Group’s Office of the Board of Directors, Department of Capital Operation, Office of the President, and China Huandao Group attended the above events.

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